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Best Diablo 4 Barbarian build - best skills, skill tree, and aspects

If you're looking for a great Diablo 4 Barbarian build, we've got a good one for you!

Now's the time to flex those barbarian muscles, with players around the world now able to jump into the full release of Diablo 4.

Whether you've already had chance to experience the first major act in Blizzard's hotly-anticipated RPG, or this is your first time, get the most out of your adventure with our best Diablo 4 Barbarian build! This includes the best skills to take, the skill tree build, and legendary aspects you should use!

In it, we'll break down which skills to use, as well as how to invest your points in the in-game skill tree. We'll also break down which weapon expertise to take to enhance your damage. It will be short and sweet, so you can quickly get the info you need to start spinning and winning with the best of 'em.

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Is the barbarian good in Diablo 4?

Yes. The barbarian is an exceptional tank in Diablo 4, with high melee damage potential, able to rip through solo elite enemies or waves of enemies depending on your build.

The skills available to the Barbarian makes the class incredibly strong even when under siege from numerous powerful enemies.

Despite nerfs, powerful crowd control is available if you need it, sweeping damage can be thrown out actively with powerful strikes and slams, or even passively with thorns that reflect incoming damage back at enemies.

Because of the learning curve, the Barbarian can be a rough class to play initially, but given some time it is one of the best.

Diablo 4 Best Barbarian build

For our Diablo 4 Barbarian build we're going for thorns focused build which is great at tanking lots of damage while dishing it out in return. It makes great use out of two-handed blunt weapons, applying vunerable to packs of enemies, and those crushing enemies in quick succession with a mix of high damage single target blows and powerful berserking periods.

As you can imagine with that in mind, we're going to be picking out abiltiies that grant you thorns, maximum health, and exceptional skills that allow you to wipe out huge swathes of enemies at once. The occasional application of vunerable and mobility options help a tonne too.

We take Death Blow to murder single targets, and Upheaval to damage large packs. All in all it's a powerful all-rounder of a build that should help you through all content.!

Diablo 4 Best Barbarian skills

Screenshot from Diablo 4 Barbarian trailer showing the Barbarian attacking a demon.
Grab a big weapon and dash into the thick of it!

Below, you can find the best skills for our Diablo 4 Barbarian build:

  • Lunging Strike
  • Upheaval
  • Challenging Shout
  • Charge
  • Death Blow
  • Wrath of the Berserker
  • Unconstrained

Diablo 4 Barbarian skill tree

Below, we've listed out each skill you should invest points into your Diablo 4 Barbarian build. While you can earn additional skill points as you collect Altars of Lilith, we'll assume you get the standard 50 from levelling up through the game. 50 points, from 50 levels.

  1. Lunging Strike
  2. Enhanced Lunging Strike
  3. Battle Lunging Strike
  4. Upheaval
  5. Enhanced Upheaval
  6. Violent Upheaval
  7. Challenging Shout
  8. Enhanced Challenging Shout
  9. Strategic Challenging Shout
  10. Outburst
  11. Outburst +1
  12. Outburst +2
  13. Tough as Nails
  14. Tough as Nails +1
  15. Tough as Nails +2
  16. Imposing Presence
  17. Death Blow
  18. Enhanced Death Blow
  19. Warrior's Death Blow
  20. Imposing Presence +1
  21. Imposing Presence +2
  22. Martial Vigor
  23. Martial Vigor +1
  24. Wrath of the Berserker
  25. Prime Wrath of the Berserker
  26. Supreme Wrath of the Berserker
  27. Martial Vigor +2
  28. Thick Skin
  29. Defensive Stance
  30. Thick Skin +1
  31. Thick Skin +2
  32. Defensive Stance +1
  33. Defensive Stance +2
  34. Unconstrained
  35. Tempered Fury
  36. Invigorating Fury
  37. Invigorating Fury +1
  38. Invigorating Fury +2
  39. Charge
  40. Enhanced Charge
  41. Power Charge
  42. Counteroffensive
  43. Counteroffensive +1
  44. Counteroffensive +2
  45. Aggressive Resistance
  46. Aggressive Resistance +1
  47. Aggressive Resistance +2
  48. War Cry
  49. Enhanced War Cry
  50. Mighty War Cry

As you gain additional skill points, you should consider skills like Counter Offensive in the weapon mastery node, Prolofic Fury in the Brawling node, or even Booming Voice to buff your taunt and war cry! Other than that, a few points in key skills can't hurt.

Diablo 4 Barbarian weapon expertise

With the skills we're using in our Diablo 4 Barbarian build, you'll automatically be making use of the Two-Handed Mace expertise without having to actively choose it as your technique.

With the tanky build we have here, we'd recommend choosing One-Handed Axe expertise initially, as the bonus crit chance on injured enemies can make a slight difference throughout the game.

However once you have lots of exotic gear with abilities and effects that can proc in combat, perhaps even set bonuses too, consider swapping to Polearm Expertise.

This increases your Lucky Hit chance to a maximum of 10%, plus allows you to deal additional damage while healthy (above 80% life). With fortify available in our build,, this will come into effect more often than you may think.

Diablo 4 Barbarian Legendary aspects

For this Diablo 4 Barbarian build to excel, you'll want to head out and hunt down the following legendary aspects. You can use them to craft and use legendary gear, that'll provide some incredibly useful bonuses:

  • Death Wish aspect - Gain Thorns while berserking.
  • Relentless Berserker's Aspect - On Lucky Hit, gain up to a 35% chance to gain Fortify whenyou deal direct damage while Berserking.
  • Aspect of Echoing Fury - Your Shout skills generate fury while active.

If you're looking to read more about Diablo 4, check out our Diablo 4 review here! You can also check out our guides on how to get a horse in Diablo 4!

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