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Best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build | best skills, skill tree, and aspects

Sling spells and blow through the game with this Diablo 4 Sorcerer build!

Update: With the full release of Diablo 4 it's finally time to bend magic to your will as the powerful, spell-slinging Sorcerer.

For many players, this will be the first time they can try out the latest gruesome installment in Blizzard's legendary RPG series, and the Sorcerer is one of the most explosive classes.

If you're excited to try out the Sorcerer, you will want to check out our best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build. This includes the best Sorcerer skills, a skill tree build, and the best legendary aspects to use.

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Diablo 4 | Best Sorcerer build

This build is all about wiping out multiple enemies with powerful lightning attacks, while staying safe with a handy teleport. We get a lot of use out of Crackling Energy, which, basically, are resources you can generate with certain skills.

As you pick them up, they deal damage to nearby enemies. As such, this build isn't one where you stay super far away at all times. Instead, you want to fire off spells until you generate these crackling energy sources you can pick up. Then you nip in and grab them, before repositioning yourself to make the most out of the temporary buffs they provide.

While this is not the safest Sorcerer build, if you can keep up the damage and teleport to safety when necessary, you will be able to crush any fight you run into during your first time through Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 | Best Sorcerer skills

Gameplay screenshot of Sorcerer in Diablo 4 from reveal trailer.
Mix up a variety of elements for powerful damage in PvE gameplay.

Below are all the skills we recommend taking in our solo Sorcerer fire build:

  • Spark
  • Chain Lightning
  • Lightning Spear
  • Teleport
  • Ball Lightning
  • Unstable Currents

Diablo 4 | Sorcerer skill tree

We recommend taking skill upgrades in the following order as you fight your way towards level 50. While you can gain additional skill points from Altars of Lilith, you can get 50 from the simple act of leveling up. Here's our order:

  1. Spark
  2. Enhanced Spark
  3. Flickering Spark
  4. Chain Lightning
  5. Enhanced Chain Lightning
  6. Greater Chain Lightning
  7. Teleport
  8. Enhanced Teleport
  9. Shimmering Teleport
  10. Glass Cannon
  11. Glass Cannon +1
  12. Lightning Spear
  13. Enhanced Lightning Spear
  14. Summoned Lightning Spear
  15. Glass Cannon +2
  16. Align the Elements
  17. Ball Lightning
  18. Enhanced Ball Lightning
  19. Wizard's Ball Lightning
  20. Static Discharge
  21. Invigorating Conduit
  22. Invigorating Conduit +1
  23. Invigorating Conduit +2
  24. Unstable Currents
  25. Prime Unstable Currents
  26. Supreme Unstable Currents
  27. Coursing Currents
  28. Coursing Currents +1
  29. Coursing Currents +2
  30. Conduction
  31. Conduction +1
  32. Conduction +2
  33. Electrocution
  34. Overflowing Energy
  35. Chain Lightning +1
  36. Chain Lightning +2
  37. Chain Lightning +3
  38. Chain Lightning +4
  39. Spark +1
  40. Spark +2
  41. Spark +3
  42. Spark +4
  43. Lightning Spear +1
  44. Lightning Spear +2
  45. Lightning Spear +3
  46. Lightning Spear +4
  47. Ball Lightning +1
  48. Ball Lightning +2
  49. Ball Lightning +3
  50. Ball Lightning +4

When you get additional points, you can drop the remaining skill points into Ball Lightning, Electrocution, and teleport.

Diablo 4 | Sorcerer enchantments

For your two enchantment slots, we recommend you use your first slot on chain lightning to greatly increase your overal damage to enemies you fidn in the open world. It'll automatically form a Chain Lightnign cast once you spend 100 mana, so you'll notice yourself passively throwing out more damage as you use you skills in combat.

After that, we recommend Spark for additional passive crackling energy generation. As you'll be focusing a lot on picking these up as you fight, the more you grab the more damage you do. We take this second as by the time you unlock your second enchantment slot, you'll have invested skill points into several skills that work alongside crackling energy pickups.

Diablo 4 | Sorcerer legendary aspects

For this build to excel, you'll want to head out and hunt down the following legendary aspects. You can use them to craft and use legendary gear, that'll provide some incredibly useful bonuses:

  • Aspect of Abundant Energy - Crackling Energy has a [20-30]% chance to chain to an additional enemy.
  • Aspect of Overwhelming Currents - Unstable Currents has a chance to cast an additional Shock Skill.
  • Aspect of Splintering Energy - Lightning Spear has a chance to spawn an additional Lightning Spear when you cast it.
  • Aspect of the Unbroken Tether - Chain Lightning has a chance to chain 2 additional times.

If you're looking to read more about Diablo 4, check out our Diablo 4 review here! You can also check out our guides on how to get a horse in Diablo 4!

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