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How to get a horse in Diablo 4 - When and where are mounts unlocked?

A mount is important in Diablo 4, so here's the quest you should complete in order to get a horse asap.

Getting a horse in Diablo 4 is something you should prioritise, as it makes traversing the map far more conveniant than running around. The moment you see another player rushing around on their very own mount, you will be desperate to get your own.

But how do you get a horse in Diablo 4? This guide will take you through the steps in getting your first horse, as well as other sources of mounts that you can look into once you've made it to the endgame.

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How to get a Horse in Diablo 4?

The first horse you get in Diablo 4 is story related. Play through the main story until you have completed Act 3 and you will recieve your inaugural mount free of charge!

A horse in Diablo 4 is incredibly useful for getting to world bosses quickly, making the rounds and collecting all the Altar's of Lilith, farming resources and so on. As such, before you start really focusing on any of those aspects of the game, we recommend getting yourself a horse.

When and where do you get a horse in Diablo 4?

Once you've completed Act 3 of the main story, you'll be sent back to the Fractured Peaks to speak to Donlan. He's at the big church in Kyovashad. Once you speak to him there, he'll send you to the nearby stables in town. At these stables you'll get your very own horse - free of charge. That's it. You'll have the mount you've been after.

Talking to Donan in Act 3 of Diablo 4
We love you, Donan.

What level do you need to be to get a mount in Diablo 4?

You'll be roughly level 30 when you complete Act 3 in Diablo 4, assuming you've been playing on world tier 2 and not really focusing on completing every side quest and dungeon you find.

Once you have this horse, you'll unlock the ability to mount up on any character you create in the future. This will make the process of levelling a new character up. This, as you can likely image, makes the process of playing through the game much faster and more convenient. Yet another reason to power through to this part of the game as fast as possible.

Mount unlock in Diablo 4
Once you've bought the horse, all your characters have the ability to mount up!

Other mounts and mount equipment in Diablo 4

So you have your basic horse in Diablo 4, but maybe it's not cool enough for you. Where can you get other mounts? Well, world bosses have a small chance of dropping them as first discovered in the open beta. In addition, those who head to the PvP zone in Kehjistan and the Dry Steppes can spend PvP zone currency for exclusive mounts too.

Purchasable mount equipment in Diablo 4
Make your mount shine with customisation bits.

Once you have a mount you like, you can buy mount equipment and trophies from certain vendors. there's some especially lush looking cosmetic gear for your horse in the aofrementioned PvP zones, so get your farm on and pimp out your four-hooved companion!

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