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This is the bit where we tell you how brilliant VG247 is.

VG247 is no spring chicken, having burst onto the internet through a cloud of smoke back in February, 2008. While it started out as a news blog, publishing the latest news around the clock, today it also offers high quality reviews, features, videos, and guides by some of the best people in the business.

VG247 is designed to be a kick-ass, no BS destination for discussion of the biggest topics in video games. We'll kick-start the conversation with news, articles and videos from the VG247 team, being brutally honest so you get to know the staff and our points of view. Then the discussion continues - over to you.

When it comes down to it, we're just a lovely bunch of people who care a lot about video games and the brilliant people who make them. If you want a basic primer as to who we all are individually, you can check us all below - and we've got a full list of VG247 contributors for you to peruse that includes all our lovely freelancers.

It's worth noting that while we want to engage with you, we do have some rules, so do take a look at our Code of Conduct so you don't fall foul of a moderator. Essentially, be nice to people, yeah?

We've also got info on how we review games and what our review scores mean (just in case you can't work out what a number from 1 to 5 means), and you can read a little on our Editorial Policy, how we work and who owns us - perfect ammunition to throw at us in the comments when we give an event simulator a 5/5 review.

All questions, comments or enquiries should be directed to VG247 at contact@vg247.com.

The entire VG247 team works remotely - so if you want to send something to the team, you should reach out via email. For more general postal correspondance, our head office address is:

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And you can find our Terms and Conditions here.

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Who are we?
Dom Peppiatt avatar

Dom Peppiatt


Dom is a veteran video games critic, published author and columnist that has appeared in publications ranging from Daily Star to NME. Passionate about games and the greater good they can achieve, you can usually find Dom listening to records, faffing about in the kitchen, or playing Final Fantasy VIII (again). They also have a column about games and music at The Guardian.

Alex Donaldson avatar

Alex Donaldson

Assistant Editor

Alex started out his career in games media as an over-eager kid working on fan sites, and now has decades of experience. He's been with VG247 since 2016, and is the co-founder of genre-dedicated website RPG Site. A whisky nerd & Rams fan, he also collects arcade machines and Lego.

Stephany Nunneley-Jackson avatar

Stephany Nunneley-Jackson

News Editor

Stephany is VG247’s News Editor. With a brain that lacks adhesive ducks, the ill-tempered, chaotic neutral fembot does her best to bring you the most interesting gaming news. She is also unofficially the site’s Lord of the Rings/Elder Scrolls Editor.

James Billcliffe avatar

James Billcliffe

Guides Editor

James suffers so you don't have to, creating expert guides for the toughest games and reviews for the biggest blockbuster releases.

Connor Makar avatar

Connor Makar

Staff Writer

Connor is VG247's live service staff writer. He writes articles on some of the biggest games out there right now. He's also a passionate fighting game fan, glued onto the genre and its community. He is tragically a grappler player.

Kelsey Raynor avatar

Kelsey Raynor

Guides Writer

Kelsey's passion for gaming began with Resident Evil, and it's been rather difficult to get them to shut up about horror games since. When they're not scoping out new scares or commiserating the cancellation of Silent Hills, they can often be found fawning over cute Pokémon and Kirby, or being very average at FPS games.

Jim Trinca avatar

Jim Trinca

Video Producer

Jim is obsessed with Assassin’s Creed and Star Trek. He’s been in the games industry for over a decade, having been a freelance writer and video producer for loads of companies you’ve heard of (and loads that you haven’t). In his spare time he tends to an ungrateful cat.