Code of Conduct

The VG247 community is meant to be welcoming, inviting, and fun.

We talk about video games, but also about everything that video games encompass. That sometimes includes the world around us, including challenging social or political issues. Other times, it really is as simple as talking about which Final Fantasy game is best (it’s 9), or if Master Chief goes to the toilet inside his suit (probably). We’re here to discuss it all.

And we have a basic rule here for the community, a mantra that was at the top of every comment thread for years:

“Lively debate and discussion is encouraged, but trolling, disrespect and acting like an idiot will not be tolerated.”

Basically: have fun, and feel free to get a little heated - but do not be a dick.

Don’t insult others - which includes the writer of the article, even if you disagree. Don’t use racist, sexist, or any other discriminatory, derogatory language. Don’t troll, don’t spam, and generally treat others in the comments the way you’d like to be treated.

We don’t expect language to be 100% cuss-free, but please try to keep it PG-13. Comments and discussion on the site should not include links to or detailed discussion of NSFW material, private information of others, or anything illegal (ie piracy, hacking, copyright infringement).

VG247 is not a democracy. We decide the rules, we decide when they’ve been broken, and we decide who is and isn’t welcome in our community. Make a nuisance of yourself by refusing to follow the simple guidelines above repeatedly and you might be removed.

The staff and moderator’s decisions are final, but if you feel particularly aggrieved and have a moderation complaint, please get in touch with the moderation team at