Editorial Policy

VG247 is dedicated to all things gaming, publishing quality news, criticism and analysis of video games and the broader culture surrounding them in written, video, and audio form.

We think the business of reporting on video games should be fun, just like video games themselves are. However, there are of course serious matters of professionalism we have to keep in mind. On this page, we lay out the key tenets of our site Editorial Policy as simply as possible.

If you ever feel we haven't upheld these standards, reach out and tell us. Here's what you need to know:

  • We endeavor to ensure that all reporting and features on the site are factually correct. Where errors occur, we correct them with clearly marked updates.
  • We endeavor to give all those companies and individuals an article is about the opportunity to comment on the story's subject matter.
  • When we report on rumors, we only do so if we believe they have a basis in reality.
  • When VG247 reports or confirms rumors with our own sources, information will be at least double-sourced and verified to the best of our ability. We will always protect the identities of anonymous sources, and we never pay sources for information.
  • When citing information from other sources, they are always prominently credited and linked.
  • In many cases, VG247 will sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) with video game developers and publishers in order to obtain early access to games or information. We only do this if we feel the NDA is fair, and does not compromise our work.
  • VG247 often receives free copies of games, hardware, and peripherals in order to cover and review them. Any time a product was received for free for this purpose, that fact will be noted in a disclaimer appended to the content in question.
  • Similarly, VG247 may travel to events in order to see or experience a new game, or to visit a studio to meet its creators. The site will accept a publisher paying for travel and accommodation to such events, but will not accept anything further. In all instances, this will be clearly disclosed in the resulting coverage.
  • We never allow any external force such as publishers or developers to adjust or have ‘sign off' on our copy. Words on VG247 are our own.
  • As part of our process, the VG247 team will naturally build relationships with industry professionals including representatives from game developers and publishers. We conduct these relationships in a professional manner, never allowing them to hold any sway over our content.
  • If there is ever a risk of a conflict of interest, the contributor in question will be barred from covering games of the publisher in question for at least two years.

VG247 has a large parent company, ReedPop - and there's a few elements we should point out regarding that:

  • VG247 is owned by Gamer Network Ltd, part of ReedPOP. ReedPop runs a variety of games media outlets including Eurogamer, VG247, and others. Each brand operates separately, and their values do not reflect and may not match those of VG247.
  • ReedPOP also operates many pop culture events, including several for video games. Any coverage of shows like PAX, EGX, or other ReedPOP events on VG247 will feature a disclaimer reminding of this fact.
  • To learn more about the company and its various brands of events and editorial outlets, visit the ReedPOP website.

Finally, advertising is what keeps us eating and in business. Here's what you need to know about editorial and advertising:

  • VG247's advertising is handled by a separate department to editorial entirely. The editorial team has no knowledge or oversight of ongoing advertising deals. The site content is never influenced by advertising or commercial concerns.
  • The advertisements on VG247 are designed to be fair and as unobtrusive as possible. If you encounter an advertisement that feels inappropriate in content or execution, please contact us to let us know. Furthermore, users who wish to have an ad-free experience can sign up for a VG247 subscription.
  • Sometimes, articles will feature links to retail stores. Often, Gamer Network Ltd will receive a cash commission on any purchases made after clicking such a link. While editorial staff may sometimes insert these links, they have no knowledge or oversight of the affiliate sales business.
  • VG247 occasionally features ‘sponsored content', articles that are posted to the site as part of a wider advertising campaign as sold by the commercial team. This will be clearly labelled as sponsored content and will not feature any opinion-driven content. The editorial team also has final sign-off on the text of sponsored articles to ensure they do not clash with our values.