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Diablo 4 best class - Class Tier List

Excited to get into the Diablo 4? Here's our Diablo 4 class tier list, and the best class for different roles.

Artwork showing characters by a campfire that can be picked in the Diablo 4 beta.
Image credit: Blizzard

With the long-awaited full release of Diablo 4 hundreds of thousands of players will be flooding in to try Blizzard's latest venture into the world of Sanctuary. In this Diablo 4 class tier list we will pick the best Diablo 4 class, ranking them from best to worst, as well as helping you decide on the best class for specific roles.

This includes the best class for solo players, the best class for hardcore characters, as well as the best tank, ranged DPS, and melee DPS classes.

Just like the vast and varied world of Sanctuary, the Diablo 4 meta is always changing. Blizzard has already released patches nerfing overpowered abilities, so we will keep this page updated as new information emerges.

Diablo 4 best class

The best of the best.

The best class in Diablo 4 is the Necromancer, thanks to their high damage, versitility, and survivability.

Why is Necromancer the best class in Diablo 4?

Regardless of what path you take for the Necromancer, you'll be able to power through most content in Diablo 4 worry-free.

The bone skills available allow you to deal devastating crit damage to enemies and is excellent for single target builds and wiping out bosses. Leaning into a blood build is exceptional at slowly draining enemies and healing for a tanky build that'll outlast other ranged DPS classes.

It's also worth mentioning the Book of the Dead, the Necromancer's main class feature that allows them to summon a range of minions. These can be raised up as additional supports in fights, and pull off a surprising amount of damage when used correctly. Although, you can also sacrifice them for additional bonuses that will enhance your own character.

If you pick the Necromancer, you'll be set for whatever challenges await you in Diablo 4. Regardless of difficulty, playstyle, or otherwise.

What Diablo 4 class do I choose if I want to play a certain way?

While we reckon Necromancer is the best Diablo 4 class, the others all have good reasons to choose them, especially if you want to play with a very specific style or want to compliment friends you are playing with.

Keep reading for our Diablo 4 class tier list, plus info on the best class for hardcore, tank play, ranged combat, and melee combat.

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Diablo 4 classes tier list

Below, we've broken down each class into a simple Diablo 4 class tier list, so you can quickly see which class is the best for you regardless of what content you're getting into:

Rank Diablo 4 Class
S Necromancer
A Rogue, Sorcerer
B Barbarian, Druid

What classes are in Diablo 4?

There are five classes in total in Diablo 4, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. With that being said, certain classes naturally play into certain archetypes. A Barbarian won't do much good as a ranged DPS, while a Sorcerer will get beaten to a pulp when surrounded by enemies.


Necromancer in Diablo 4
Minion management at its finest.

Pros - summons undead minions for assist, good self-heal, good AOE.

The Diablo 4 Necromancer can be played as either a ranged or melee class depending on preference, and thanks to the Book of the Dead mechanic, has access to a huge number of strategies surrounding their undead minions. The versatility available here makes the Necromancer an incredibly strong choice for players of all skill levels.

Abilities like Bone Prison and Blood Mist will help keep you alive, while your collection of big explosive spells like Corpse explosion and Bone Storm will go a long way in taking out big groups of enemies at once. A great pick for everyone.


Sorcerer in Diablo 4
Diablo 4's resident magic user.

Pros - Massive ranged spell-based damage, good crowd control, great AOE.

If you fancy yourself a spell-slinger, and love pumping out loads of damage, then the Diablo 4 Sorcerer is a great pick for you. Thanks to their Enchantment system, you can pick and choose certain spells to buff for enhanced effects. As such, with a fine-tuned build, you'll be able to create a truly devastating magic character.

With the use of mana, you can make use of powerful abilities like Fireball and Chain Lightning to devastate hordes of enemies. There's also some brilliant defensive spells like the trusty Teleport that will keep you safe. As long as you don't mind managing mana and a small health pool, this is a damn good class.


Barbarian in Diablo 4
If you love melee, this is the class for you.

Pros - Massive melee damage, tanky, great AOE and single target damage, powerful self-buffs.

Despite early nerfs, the Diablo 4 Barbarian is a staggeringly strong melee class for those of you who like hitting things and hitting them hard.

Thanks to their unique arsenal system, you can choose from a variety of passive buffs provided from distinct weapons. As such, you're rewarded for using different weapons as it improves your overall power.

The most important thing to a Barbarian is their fury, which is a distinct resource used for powerful abilities like Whirlwind and Upheaval for offence, and brilliant defensive skills like Rallying Cry and Undying Rage. It's a cool class for those who want to get into the thick of it, just be sure to build towards the tanky side if you're playing on higher difficulties. Remember: spin to win!


Druid in Diablo 4
What a cool look for the new class!

Pros - Brilliant damage with Shapeshifting, good AOE, great buffs.

The Diablo 4 Druid is an interesting addition to Diablo, able to switch between distinct and uniquely powerful forms to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Their unique feature - Spirit Animals - provides additional passive buffs to improve their strength, although you'll have to unlock these boons before they take effect.

Druids generate Spirit as they play, which they can use to pull out powerful attacks like Pulverize and Tornado. As for defensives, you've got Cyclone Armour and Trample, which allow you to benefit from stuns or added protection where needed.

You can choose whether or not to play as a grizzly melee fighter, or use the power of nature to wipe out enemies from afar. A good option for those undecided on the playstyle they're into, or who were really into the Animorphs series as kids.


Rogue in DIablo 4
More agile than any other class.

Pros - High damage at ranged or melee, high mobility, good crowd control, and a powerful boss killer.

If you like to move fast and hit hard, the Diablo 4 Rogue is a good choice for you. Their unique class specialization mechanic allows you to easily switch between three distinct resources, which lets you to alter your playstyle substantially.

Rogues are all about the balancing act between generating your specialization resource, and keeping track of your energy. If you can manage it, offensive skills like Rapid Fire and Flurry will mow down any demon you run into, while defensive options like Smoke Screen will keep you alive.

If you are confident in staying alive and keeping an eye on a few things at once, the Rogue is exceptional. It's a hard class to figure out, but once you do, it's a real killer

Diablo 4 best solo class

Necromancer close up shot in Diablo 4
You can't beat the Necromancer in solo content.

The Necromancer is the best solo class in Diablo 4 due to the sheer power of the Book of the Dead summons. With an army of skeleton warriors, mages, and a golem on your side, you will be more than able to take on the world of Sanctuary without much issue. Who needs real friends when you can resurrect some?

With the Necromancer you can build around the specific minions you like, or even go all-in on summoning as many types of minions as possible all-at-once. As such, you can bend the Necromancer to your playstyle, adding some much-needed versatility and variety if you're a solo player.

Diablo 4 best hardcore class

Sorcerer screenshot from the sorcerer trailer in Diablo 4
A safe class, and very powerful.

The Sorcerer is the best hardcore class in Diablo 4.

Being a powerful ranged DPS class, with plenty of crowd control, damage, and escape options that can help you burst through all manner of content and save yourself in a pinch when things get rough. More than the other classes, it's easier to take down elites at a safe distance as a Sorcerer, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about being overwhelmed.

Diablo 4 best tank class

Barbarian close up in Diablo 4
You can't get much tougher.

The Barbarian is the best tank class in Diablo 4 for a few reasons.

First, it has an incredible amount of damage reduction thanks to its skill tree, as well as fortify procs that add additional health beyond your max health pool.

They also have Overpower damage that deals additional damage based on your health value. This in addition to thorns, which reflects damage back at enemies, makes the Barbarian an incredible tanking class.

One major issue with tanks is that when built incorrectly, they can deal middling damage. With the Barbarian, you can easily make use of your high health pool to wipe out crowds of enemies at once. If you're looking for a great tank class, the Barbarian is it.

Diablo 4 ranged DPS class

Rogue close up in Diablo 4
See that bow? You'll learn to love that bow.

The Rogue is the best ranged DPS class in Diablo 4. It's great as a fast-paced melee fighter, but they really shine as a ranged DPS. Able to quickly navigate combat and lay down powerful traps, the Rogue can easily outperform the other classes in Diablo 4 at a distance. With a combination of good crowd control, burst damage, and damage-over-time effects.

It can be a tricky class to play, so keep that in mind. However, once you get to grips with the Rogue you'll find yourself dealing absurd amounts of damage from a safe distance. Give it a go!

Diablo 4 melee DPS class

Druid screenshot in Diablo 4
King of the wild!

While there are plenty of good options for melee DPS in Diablo 4, the Druid is exceptionally good and our pick as the best melee DPS class in Diablo 4.

This comes from its Werebear form, which can absolutely ravage both regular and elite enemies when built around. This alongside inbuilt tankiness and powerful crowd control makes the Druid well worth jumping into.

High damage, good survivability, and versitility when it comes to skills you can take make the Druid an impressive pick for melee players. It's hilariously fun too, which counts for a lot too!

If you're looking to read more about Diablo 4, check out our Diablo 4 review here! You can also check out our guides on how to get a horse in Diablo 4!

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