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Diablo 4 debate: Does it really need to be an open world MMO?

Is there such a thing as too much Diablo, and is it a liberty to have a battle pass for a $70 game?

Diablo 4 is here, courtesy of one of gaming's worst employers for fridge security, among other things. Allegedly. Despite being the product of a toxic work culture, it’s pretty darn good, with a lot of quality that the Diablo fan will appreciate. But is it the best in the series? Is the story any good? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, has the leap to an open world MMO format led the game to lose some of its charm? Connor and Sherif discuss all this and more in their one-on-one chat on Diablo 4, after sinking dozens of hours into the game’s pre-release review beta. During that time, they’ve explored the four corners of the open world map, messed around with multiple classes, completed the main story, and more.

First things first, Diablo 4 is a joy to play. It’s juicier and bloodier than previous games, with that same solid game feel that has made the Diablo series an ARPG classic through its life. Whether you’re swinging a massive maul around as a Barbarian or setting enemies alight with the Sorcerer, you’ll have a great time.

Check out our big debate video here, with nearly 40mins of pristine Diablo IV PC footage!Watch on YouTube

As for the story, it’s pretty good! While Sherif and Connor disagree on just how good the Diablo 4 narrative is, it has some seriously good moments that got us incredibly excited at some points, and very very sad every now and again. Lorath was a special highlight and practically carries scenes on his back.

However, where Sherif and Connor really dig into each other's opinions comes down to the open world structure of Diablo 4. The game removes itself from a more linear format, allowing players to explore a large map field with side quests and world bosses with other players While world bosses are lush, and some world PvP is sure to be exciting for a subset of players, it does make the process of actually exploring the world a tad shallow. At least in Connor’s opinion. Sherif mentions that maybe this is just a sign of the times, a necessary advancement for the series. With a battle pass and an in-game store, you’ve got to wonder if these features actually make the game better. Then there are the bugs. We ran into a few of them at various levels of severity. The final boss, which we do not spoil, was ruined by some serious latency and online co-op shenanigans. With the game launching to the general public, fingers crossed they aren’t so bad for the majority of players!

It's a big ol' open world, but is that actually a good thing for an ARPG?

If you’re curious about our thoughts on the topic, watch the video above! You can also read our Diablo 4 review here! All in all it’s a good game and a lot of fun, though the extent of your enjoyment may depend on your run ins with bugs, lags, and modern live service features.

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